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Bodymindspiritworks LLC is pleased to offer the following high-quality and unique services and essential oils for purchase.

To order, please call 262.377.7708. Mastercard and Visa accepted.
There is no sales tax on massage services. Prices for essential oils do not include shipping or sales tax.

Massage Therapy and Integral LifeCare (TM):

Bodymindspiritworks Massage 30 minutes $35
Bodymindspiritworks Massage 45 minutes $50
Bodymindspiritworks Massage 60 minutes $65
Bodymindspiritworks Massage 90 minutes $95
Bodymindspiritworks Massage 120 minutes $130
Bodymindspiritworks Heated Stone Massage 90 minutes $120
Bodymindspiritworks Cold Stone
Headache/Migraine Therapy
30 minutes $35
Massage Five-pack Sixty 60 min sessions $300   (save $5/session)
Massage Five-pack Ninety 90 min sessions $450   (save $5/session)
Massage Ten-pack Sixty 60 min sessions $550   (save $10/session)
Massage Ten-pack Ninety 90 min sessions $850   (save $10/session)
Bodymindspiritworks Couples Massage
      one room, two tables, two therapists
60 minutes $130
Bodymindspiritworks Couples Massage
      one room, two tables, two therapists
90 minutes $190
Couples Massage Workshop 90 minutes $250
Integral LifeCare (TM) Program 16 sessions
(20 hours)

Essential Oils and oil blends:

Bodymindspiritworks Healing Oil
      arnica infusion, hypericum infusion,
      tea tree, geranium, vitamin e
20 ml $15
Auroma Breathe Easy Blend
      lavender, eucalyptus australiana,
      lemon cold pressed, peppermint mitcham
12 ml $15
Auroma Romance Blend
      patchouli, orange sweet, lavender,
      ylang ylang extra, mandarin cold pressed
12 ml $15
Auroma Stress Relief Blend
      lavender, patchouli,
      clove bud madagascar,
      clary sage bulgarian, vetiver
12 ml $15
Auroma Well Being Blend
      bergamot calabrian, lavender,
      petitgrain bigarade italy, ylang ylang extra
12 ml $15
Tea Tree, Organic (Auroma) 10 ml $15
Lavender, French Alpine (Auroma) 10 ml $12
Marjoram Marjorana (Auroma) 10 ml $12.50
Peppermint Mitcham (Auroma) 10 ml $10.50
Bodymindspiritworks "Headache Trio"
      Lavender, Marjoram, Peppermint
10 ml each $32 (save $3.00)

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We commit to living lives that are good and beautiful and true,
lives that are integrated and whole,
lives that draw energy from our hearts and souls,
lives that are supported and nourished by the environments we create around us.

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