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Persons at a crossroads in their lives benefit from an integral approach that balances bodywork, mindwork and spiritwork in finding the path through the physical/emotional/creative/spiritual blocks that may be present. Persons who are going through major life transitions or actively involved in personal growth often experience profound shifts physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. An integral approach is ideal for balancing and integrating all the energies (physical, emotional, creative, spiritual) that may be moving in a person's life.


An integrated body-mind-spirit approach can be beneficial for new couples/partners as well as for couples who have been together for some time. Couples massage can enhance the couple bond during stressful transitions (new relationship, changing relationship, changing life circumstances). Journaling or couple's enrichment exercises can enhance relationships. Combined techniques for enhancing your relationship and communications, and for sharing relaxation bodywork (couples massage) can help to enhance the deeper spiritual aspects of relationship; such work can deeply enrich each person as well as the relationship itself.

When a couple is expecting a child, bodywork can be helpful for the woman in easing discomfort, reducing edema, increasing circulation. Couples massage can enhance the couple bond during what can be both a joyful and stressful time. Journaling or couples coaching can facilitate the transition especially when the pregnancy is a first child.

And sometimes it's just fun to share a massage experience with someone who is simply a good friend!


Artists and entrepreneurs who experience stress, make decisions quickly, have too many responsibilities and job roles, who maintain a high level of creative output, and whose schedules are often impossibly full can benefit from an integrated approach. Benefits of an integrated body-mind-spirit approach include increased stamina, rejuvenation, stress/tension relief, improvement of concentration and creativity, and enhanced self-care and self-esteem. In addition, when a person is also in a significant relationship, couples massage can help preserve/enhance that relationship during high-stress times in the life of the relationship.


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