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Thomas D'Alessio 100 Ways to De-stress                        (PDF format)
  "Breathe. Right now is a great time."

  "the clear white light of Being
refracts through the prism of time and space
into the colors of the rainbow. "

  False Assumptions
  "There are some common assumptions that are simply untrue, and taking them as true has created much suffering and confusion. "

  The Forest
  "Be healed. Be whole. Be free. Be love embodied in a single, fragile life."

  Shadow: dealing with what haunts us
  "We do not see our shadow, and it takes solid therapeutic work along with a little help from our friends and lovers to bring it into the light. Quite often, in reasonably healthy persons, the very thing needed to be whole persons is locked up with shadow aspects we have dis-owned, and sometimes for very incomplete (and therefore mistaken) reasons."

  Traits of a Healthy Relationship
  "In a healthy relationship, both partners can thrive and grow and become more of who they are, and the relationship itself grows and deepens as well. There is greater capacity for trust and intimacy, a greater sense of safety, and a greater likelihood for healthy transcendent experiences that bring joy and delight."

  "What happens at the interface of perceptual awareness and the undifferentiated ground of existence?
I have some ideas."

  Walking Light
  "Walking is awakening, and awakening occurs deep inside and reaches way out into the real world. Awakening is enlightenment and enlightenment is a process, not a one-time event.
It does not work as well to go for a walk once or twice and that's all."

Thomas D'Alessio &
Freda van den Broek
Everything at the Same Time: why "Integral" is critical
  "We may actually be losing ground if our work is enabling persons to stay in situations
that are unhealthy for them physically, emotionally or spiritually."

Freda van den Broek Breathe
  "Were you afraid to surrender All to the Emptiness, Holding on to the little you had,
And thus unable to let go, also unable to open up and expand?"

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