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If life is a journey, then "dead reckoning" seems to be the way many persons go through life. Dead reckoning means estimating your current position based upon where you just were, or thought you were, and then "moving forward" by estimating your speed and direction. The disadvantage of dead reckoning is that since your new positions are always calculated solely from previous positions (i.e., no map, no compass, no GPS to tell you where you really are), the errors are cumulative, and so the error in your "position fix" (i.e., where you think you are) grows greater with time.

In other words, it is quite likely you will be lost and wandering around in circles before very long at all. You may find yourself in the painful predicament where you have invested a lot of time and energy getting to a place you didn't want to be. Making the needed course corrections is what this integral counseling/lifework course is all about.

"Coming Home to your Self, Coming Home to your Life" is an intensive course that uses the "integral" model. It means working with all aspects of your life more effectively, more completely, than you have ever done before. "Integral" means:

1. Working in all three dimensions of your being (body, mind and spirit). These are not three disconnected things. The physical, the cognitive/emotional and the spiritual are three dimensions of an integrated whole, as a single, whole sphere has dimensions along an x, y and z axis:

2. Working with all the aspects your experience (both as an individual and as part of community, viewed from internal and external perspectives): I (internal, individual experience, values, intentions), IT (external individual behaviors, appearances, brain and body), WE (shared internal experience, values, worldview) and ITS (external systems, structures and environments). Again, these are not really four separate things - they are the four aspects of a whole, integrated experience.

3. working with all the major lines of your development (cognitive, emotional, relational, moral/ethical, spiritual). Where has growth been stunted or arrested? Where has it been facilitated?

4. Identifying and re-integrating those aspects of yourself that you have disowned along the way.

"Coming Home to your Self, Coming Home to your Life" is a first-level course of counseling/ teaching sessions, therapeutic bodywork sessions, and group workshops twenty individual session-hours plus workshops designed to guide you through a thorough exploration of your values/priorities and their consequences; your basic emotional assumptions and how they may or may not be serving you; your patterns of relationship, the tacit agreements you have made and the effects in your life of those agreements; your spirituality and the quality and practical consequences of your belief systems.

Since 2005 Bodymindspiritworks has helped persons like you to unblock stuck energy and release their creativity, and we can help you as well. You will learn to handle stress more effectively and to find what you need to move forward in your life. You will learn to use the tools you need to stay un-stuck and to maintain lifelong effectiveness and growth. You will experience well-being, awareness and transformation at a deep level, which in turn will help you to see more possibilities for your life and to make better choices. Our commitments:

We work with you and your life.

We honor your unique experiences, understanding, and spiritual perspectives.

We work with all of you and your life context, all at the same time. Think of it as body. mind and spirit cross-training.

We help you get it all to work together: all the separate, even disconnected, things you may be doing to try to find yourself again and come home to your life.

We help you help yourself to find meaning, to be happier, stronger, smarter, more capable of loving and helping others.

It's your life. Be there.

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We commit to creating Bodymindspiritworks as a place of sanctuary, of tranquility, of peace;
a place for seeking goodness, truth, beauty;
a place of healing, of deep learning, of transformation;
a place for seeking integrity and wholeness, justice, love.

We commit to living lives that are good and beautiful and true,
lives that are integrated and whole,
lives that draw energy from our hearts and souls,
lives that are supported and nourished by the environments we create around us.

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