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This tour will take you through an exploration of both the physical space and the idea space of bodymindspiritworks. The tour takes you through about five sequential pages, but each page holds a lot to explore. The pages will change and grow as our understanding deepens and we get the work adequately conceptualized. This website is much more like a three-dimensional mind map than a book. Maybe it's complicated, but hopefully no more than it needs to be.

Perhaps it's fitting. Life is more complicated than anyone ever thought it should be. And yet there is something in each of us that yearns for a life that really matters, and for some of us, following that yearning is worth risking whatever our life may have been in the past. That's why bodymindspiritworks decided to be here: maybe we can help.

On each succeeding page of the tour, many of the images will be live links. Others will simply change when you move your mouse cursor over them (no link). Links to other pages will always carry the little image " " . Links to web pages outside will open up in a separate window. Also, we depend on a lot of javascript, but it's all for good.

Each link or "mouseover" will add something to the whole of what bodymindspiritworks, as well as Tom and Freda (its co-founders/creators), are all about. It will still be delightfully incomplete despite our best efforts and intentions.

At the top of each page you will see bodymindspiritworks

Clicking on the logo will always take you back to the bodymindspiritworks home page. Promise.

If you've been through the tour before and just want to jump to a particular page, here are the direct links:

Tour Stop 1: "…to live lives that are good, beautiful and true…"
Tour Stop 2: "…lives that are integrated and whole…"
Tour Stop 3: "…lives that draw their energy from our hearts and souls…"
Tour Stop 4: "…lives that are supported and nourished by the environments we create around us…"
Last Stop:      "…environments 2…"

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