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what is the intensive journal?

The Intensive Journal process is an integrated system of writing exercises designed to access and work with your experiences and feelings, for the purpose of gaining awareness about your life and what your life is wanting to become. We guide you step-by-step in an atmosphere of privacy and reflection. Journal work can be a life-changing process that gives your life greater direction, vitality and purpose.

The Intensive Journal is an integrated system of writing exercises, much more than simple diary or daily journal writing. Many different areas of life are integrated into an emerging understanding, including personal relationships, career and special interests, body and health, dreams and imagery, and meaning in life. The cumulative effect of working with the Intensive Journal gives access to creative capacities and untapped possibilities.

The method is without dogma. It is a process that has been used by people of all different backgrounds, interests and faiths. All the work is done in total privacy. No one comments on or judges your life. Feel safe to be honest about your intimate feelings and experiences.

You do not have to like to write or be a good writer. You are the only one who reads what you write.

The structure of the workbook sections and corresponding writing exercises, all of which are described in the text book At a Journal Workshop (Ira Progoff), mirror the subjective processes of perception, thought, emotion and movement of energy taking place inside a person. Specific exercises provide the means for moving directly into your own inner process and drawing forth emotions and experiences to make them accessible and tangible for further development.

The interactive structure of the workbook helps generate momentum through cumulative entries. A feedback process helps you avoid self-conscious analysis and preconceived ways of thinking to overcome blockages and foster breakthroughs. Viewing issues from different perspectives allows you to realize connections and to create integrations of awareness.

With its focus on inner development, the Intensive Journal process provides an integrated system for connecting with your true self. Workshops provide a progressively deepening atmosphere, away from your daily routine, for experiencing the exercises as they are applied to your life. Non-judgmental and non-analytical approaches further the evoking process. You become immersed in your own growth, drawing forth your unique potential and unfolding life process.

Working through issues in the context of your entire life provides important benefits of perspective and safety. Greater awareness about a wide range of experiences creates a foundation for making decisions. Issues can be viewed in a larger context and become more manageable, developing in away that avoids making hasty and premature judgments.

Workshop Modules
Basic Workshop (two days)
Part 1 - Life Context: gaining a perspective.
Learn the basics for using the method by working through half of the workbook.
Part 2 - Depth Contact: symbolic imagery & meaning.
Covers exercises in the second half of the workbook. Prerequisite: none.

Integrative Writing Days (one day)
Part 3 - Life Integration: journal feedback process.
Integrate your life by developing your entries between sections to build
momentum and new perspectives. Prerequisite: Basic Workshop.

Intensive Journal work can also be done working one-on-one with your consultant.

All Intensive Journal workshops sponsored through Bodymindspiritworks are led by Thomas D'Alessio. Tom received his training and certification from Dr. Ira Progoff and has provided Intensive Journal Workshops since 1990.

"The acorn knows how to grow."
                               + Ira Progoff


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