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We welcome you to Bodymindspiritworks,
an intentional community, a sanctuary, an integral therapy center
dedicated to well-being, awareness and transformation!

We commit to creating bodymindspiritworks as a place of sanctuary,
    of tranquility, of peace;
a place for seeking goodness, truth, beauty;
a place of healing, of deep learning, of transformation;
a place for seeking integrity and wholeness, justice, love.

We commit to living lives that are good and beautiful and true,
lives that are integrated and whole,
lives that draw energy from our hearts and souls,
lives that are supported and nourished
    by the systems and environments we create around us.

Integral Offerings:

>> Integral Treks

Integral Treks are personal growth and mindfulness experiences through hiking or biking treks using our state parks and trails (think of it as our Awakening course done in the great outdoors!). Some of the Treks will be a guided hike or bike excursion with a focus on "being there" rather than "getting there", with leadership and a great lunch nd supper included. Other Treks will integrate a specific "practice" (for example, nature studies, Intensive Journal work, photography, poetry writing, orienteering). More information, trek descriptions and links to registration forms can be found HERE.

>> Integral LifeCare Counseling

Integral LifeCare Counseling means coming home to your self, coming home to your life. It's like regular counseling but uses a variety of tools including journal work, family systems/genogram explorations, life-coaching approaches, study materials and homework. It's an intensive course that uses the "integral" model, which means working with all aspects of your life more effectively and more completely than you have ever done before. These sessions are intended to provide guidance through life transitions as well as resources for personal growth and development. More information HERE

All Integral LifeCare Counseling sessions are currently being conducted by phone.

>> books by Thomas D'Alessio

Waking Up:
realizing Spirit in the midst of ordinary life
Coming Home to your Self, Coming Home to your Life:
the journey of a lifetime
Integral Quadrants and Moral Quandaries:
an integration of the work of Robert Pirsig and Ken Wilber toward an ecology of morals
An ABCdium for Irritated Times

News and Notes
19 December 2020

With the covid-19 pandemic, the world has changed forever, and the way we used to do things no longer works.
Some were saying we could just get "back to normal" and trust that everything would be okay, but trust is built on more than wishful thinking. At bodymindspiritworks, we took the pandemic seriously, we took trust seriously, and we took our responsibility. to "first do no harm" seriously. We hit pause on 13 March 2020 (as recommended by our local gov't), worked out a set of disinfection protocols, bought a lot of isopropyl alcohol, and drew up a "covenant community" statement in anticipation of when we could "un-pause:" two consistent weeks of decline in new covid-19 cases/day as recommended by the CDC.

It was not enough:

  1. Daily covid-19 case counts kept increasing dramatically through the summer and fall
  2. The professional organization providing our practice insurance would not cover any covid-19 liability
  3. The close nature and session-duration of our work made PPE less effective
  4. The mill is an old building (1850), and our HVAC did not have the capacity for the recommended filtration, air-flow and exchange
  5. A significant number of our clients (the ones who let us know) actually tested positive (not at BMSW), raising the likelihood of unintended transmission had we stayed open, reinforcing our staying paused
Bottom line: there was simply no way for us to safely do therapeutic bodywork, in-person counseling or classes in that setting until a vaccine is widely administered. The best estimate for that threshhold being summer 2021, there was simply no way to financially keep bodymindspiritworks in the mill space until then (we apparently were too small to qualify for the PPP grants that many larger businesses received -- and we applied). So, for now, bodymindspiritworks is homeless.

Stay tuned. Updates will be posted on this page.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly."

       + Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from the Birmingham Jail

The information from CovidActNow is updated automatically.

For trustworthy in-depth Wisconsin information, go to the Wisconsin-specific CovidActNow webpage.

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